Dead Beats

Dead Beats

Here is a list of the wonderful companies and people we have served over the years that had no intension of paying their bills. We have always tried to work with those that have financial problems, but these people never asked, never paid and never even answered our letters or phone calls. No one on this list has filed for bankruptcy or gone out of business. There have been lots more, some eventually did pay, others made partial payments and are being left off this list.

Fortunately  to start there are only a few, if you find your name here, just send a check and you will be removed.

Company Phone Number Date of Service Amount Owed
 *see note Fireside Grille, Middleboro Ma 508-947-5223 10/21/2021 $306.25
Next Step Franchising

Lapels Dry Cleaning

781-829-9935 03/06/2014  $129.88
Law Office of Dale Rose

2/2015 said he was paying

claimed to want more work done

508-942-4666 09-15-2011 $128.00
Murphy & Company
Easton, Ma
508-238-5357 03/18/2015 130.36
Fireside Note, Going to miss going there with family and friends, their loss.
"No Good deed goes unpunished" against my better judgment I allowed my senior tech to do the minimum to get their machine running and not the $3,000 it needed. This machine was banged up missing parts and improperly serviced along with being covered with grease in a dank basement of the restaurant. The manager cried for help saying the owner would never approve the repairs and they really needed the machine. After the last failure my guy said no more (finally). Several months later I get a letter saying their not paying, they had an Authorized Tech from the competition says the machine was beat en up and needed mega repairs. The kicker, he said it was our fault, never knowing it was screwed up when we arrived. Oh well, we have spent thousands eating there, no more.
Doctor Copy

The companies listed here did not complain about the quality of the service received, nor did they complain about the charges. What they did do is agreed to pay on completion and then found an excuse not to. "my accountant is out", "I ran out of checks", "I’ll have my secretary send it right out" blah blah blah