More about paper jams

Paper Jams
Some of our service technicians think Bob Marley’s “Jammin’” should be the
theme song of copiers – EVERYONE has experienced a paper jam. There are
many reasons for paper jams, a few of the most common, and quick fixes, are:
Paper – You need to handle your paper properly:
Humidity and old paper – paper sitting in the tray for long periods of
time can absorb moisture from the air and become “sticky” (yes, even in
Las Vegas). Remove old paper and fan the edges. If that doesn’t work,
replace the paper.
Wrong paper size – use the right size for the print job at hand
Wrong paper settings – adjust your copier settings when using different
paper stocks
Drawer alignment – be sure the drawer guides are tight against the
edges of the paper
Torn edges, dog-eared corners, and forgotten staples can all create
jams. It’s often faster to copy torn pages one at a time rather than trying
through the paper feeder
Right side up – ever noticed the arrow on a ream of paper? It’s there for
a reason. To load new paper:
Find the arrow on the end of the ream of paper’s packaging
Add the paper to the copier with the top of the paper in the same
direction as the arrow
Worn rollers – these help move paper through the machine. As they
wear, the paper can “slip” and cause jams. Call your copier repair
partner – don’t try to fix yourself!