What can I do to prevent jams

Paper Jams Happen
As copiers have improved over the years, they’ve become victims of their own
success. Many of our customers seem to expect that jams should never happen
at all – regardless of how many torn documents or staples they send through
the machine. Inside of the copier is an array of rollers and gears that move
paper through the machine – if you leave a stapler (or paper clip or tape or a
sticky note) on a document and then try to scan or copy that document,
there’s a good chance something bad will happen.
Practice common sense paper handling:
1. Watch out for tears and dog-eared pages
2. Remove staples, paperclips, binder clips, etc.
3. Remove Post-It notes
4. Try to “batch” similar sized documents together for bulk scanning or
copying (Dedicated scanners can often handle multiple document sizes and
paper types in a single batch – stack – of documents. Copiers, not so much.)