Replace your current contract with a Doctor Copy Healthcare Policy for 20% less than you are being quoted this year! Just show us your invoice and we will take 20% off while matching coverage!

At Doctor Copy this will never happen. We are a service based and do not even have a salesperson.

Maintenance Agreements or as we call them “Health Care Policies” are important to you, with a policy you know your costs upfront and wont get caught with a large repair bill.

Office machines are a large investment and you should protect them with a Health Care Policy from Doctor Copy, not only is labor and parts fully covered but with a Doctor Copy Healthcare Policy, customers get a faster response time when service is needed. Our current response time is under 4 working hours!

Policy’s  are based on copy volume, accessories, connections, machine age and have to be priced individually, but with this offer  just show us your renewal invoice and we will offer the same coverage for 20% less. How can we do this? Easy we know what other companies are doing with price increases to force you into a new machine or worse, go without a contract! and we know that 20% less still leaves us with a decent profit margin. And no we wont be increasing it next year, unless gas goes way up!!!

Give Doctor Copy a try and you’ll be glad you did.

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